The way out of spiritual depression, and back into the joy of your salvation

I thought Lee Poskey had the best message today. I had to share it.

"That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life." John 3.15

I remember reaching out to a brother years ago, and saying something to this effect: “Bob, please pray for me brother. I’m in a very dark place; I’m in a spiritual hole, and I need help.”

Dear Christian, if you’re in a spiritual dark place like I was, understanding how you got in there will reveal to you how to get out.

You got in there by assessing your relationship with God by your behavioral performance. And the longer you do that, the worse it gets for your spiritual health.

Why do you think I’m always promoting that we’re righteous saints all the time? It’s because you can never enjoy your relationship with God until you’re truly resting in Jesus’ righteousness…and you’re never going to do that as long as you’re seeing your “rightness” based on your behavior.

Make sense?

Now get out of that black fog of misery, and

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