What you need to know about Childhood cancer. — Miti Pius: The blog

Did you know that over 80% of children diagnosed with cancer will be cured, joining the growing population of long-term childhood cancer survivors? In sub-Saharan Africa, cancer is emerging as a major cause of childhood death on the African continent. Currently, more than 450 million children live on the African continent. Yet there are only […]

via What you need to know about Childhood cancer. — Miti Pius: The blog


  1. I rarely mention this but they thought I had cancer as a child. I remember my father sobbing but not really understanding why. In the end they opted just to remove the tumour instead of my leg and keep an eye on things. Fortunately I was fine. It took them some thirty years to finaally be able to decide it was benign but it has given me an appreciation of the preciousness of life.

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    1. You are blessed. My husband and I give to the ST Jude Children’s Hospital. It is so sad to see what they have to endure. I lost my sister and my older brother to cancer and my younger adopted brother is now dealing with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I am currently under a course of PET/CT scans for lung cancer screening. In the first CT I had they found 5 very small lung nodules. Three in my right lung and 2 in my left. The PET scan they did next did not show an uptake of the medicine that is suppose to show if they are growing. I’m hoping not. I will be followed for 3 years if it is okay. If there is no growth or they go away, I’ll be cleared then.

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      1. Thanks Phyllis for the good work you’re doing to support the children’s hospital. And the effort you’re taking to study about cancer. I pray that the results from the scan you took are positive. I am so inspired by the positive works you’re doing. Thank you!

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