Feeling Blue

Why do I do what I don’t want to do:
Beat myself up when I’m feeling blue?’

Why do I feel not good enough
Yet put on airs I’m really tough?

Why do I think I must be a saint
When it’s so obvious I ain’t?

I’ll turn around, turn around
I’ll pick myself off the ground.
I’ll get back to where I know I belong.
And try to forget this bleeding heart song.

Satan loves I have days like today.
He feeds the lies which lead me away.

Lord, bring out the sun
Let Winter be done
Hold back the rain
I wanna smile again

© Phyllis Weeks Rogers 2/16/18






  1. Hi Phyllis.
    Just now before I read your post here. I prayed for you and your husband. I lifted y’all up to God, for whatever it is that y’all need. Now having read this, I believe I see God at work in this series of events.

    Phyllis…you’ve read Romans 7, and you know within yourself as I do too about myself…that none of us live up to what we project to others, or what we thought we’d be after so many milestones in our walk. You’re normal, not bad.
    I see the hunger you have for more and more of God, and if I can see it,…God sees it more than I do.

    And you are a saint Phyllis. You just have to press in to see it.

    God bless you and your husband sister.

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  2. It’s the weather. We all need Spring to come ,and it will, because there is nothing new under the sun.Seasons change and we all just need some sun. Hang in there. Our Father knows..


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