Who’s Right? Who’s Wrong?

Side to side the latch slides.
The latch slides side to side.
Up and down the elevator goes.
The elevator goes up and down.

Secrets are hidden in darkness.
Hidden in darkness are secrets.
All that is hidden is revealed.
Revealed is all that is hidden.

The cock crows in the morning.
In the morning the cock crows.
The dawn breaks over the hill.
Over the hill the dawn breaks.

The fastest horse wins the race.
The race the fastest horse wins.
The big payout is the long shot.
The long shot is the big payout.

Love can break a girl’s heart.
A girl’s heart love can break.
A boy’s heart breaks with pride.
With pride a boy’s heart breaks.

Heaven waits for those who pray.
For those who pray heaven waits.
Darkness falls in thick forests.
In thick forests darkness falls.

Who is wrong and who is right?
Who is right and who is wrong?
Listening is the key to understanding.
To understanding listening is the key.



© copyright December 2017…Phyllis Rogers




    1. It’s the use of chiasmus in literature. I found it in studying Psalms. It is a form of parallelism which tries to make a phrase something to be remembered. I just made up several examples and made a poem. Thank you for your kind words.

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