Dr Bill Creasey

In my youthful college days, I had a hard time in the beginning deciding on a major which would be the catalyst for a substantial career. Since English was a subject I excelled in during grade school, I chose it as my major with an intent to teach once I completed my education. But life often has its way with us and I found myself not able to complete my studies. I also had become aware I might be the most boring teacher there ever was because I had no interest in standing in front of any group and speaking. I did however remain a student of literature throughout my life. Whenever I returned to college I majored in nursing because my personality was more of a one-on-one type of communicator and I had the heart to want to help heal and become a caregiver.

Decision making has been a challenge to me even through today. I was raised in the Methodist church but through the years I’ve joined other denominations such as the Baptist and I’ve attended nondenominational churches as well. I have even ventured into learning the Bahai’ faith, but found after a short time it was not a faith I could follow because it failed to convince me Jesus was accepted as our one true Lord and Savior.

I am currently a member of a small town church 5 miles from our home on the lake. I am certainly not considered an active member I’m sure. I am a caregiver for my husband and I don’t feel comfortable going to church without him.

But over the last 6 years, I’ve been dutifully studying the word of God through understanding the bible as the greatest literary work of art in man’s history. Perhaps because of my love for literature I found a teacher, through a series of events, who teaches the bible in that manner. His name is Dr. Bill Creasey. I have studied extensively his One Year Bible course (twice) and also studied each book more in depth by his other Audible books, Genesis through Revelations. Currently I’m studying Romans again. I also have Logos Bible Software on my computer which is a virtual world of several bibles, denominations, history,  news, and articles on almost any biblical subject. It is used by many pastors of many churches to build sermons. In fact it contains a sermon builder in its “tools.”

I explained I’m not a teacher. I’m not a preacher, either. I share my faith through my experiences, and how it has saved me and guided me through the most difficult times in my life as well as everyday decision making and spiritual guidance. I leave preaching to those truly qualified through education to preach. When I discuss something in a post it is usually an observation and insight as to what I’ve learned, but not a sermon.  As a nurse I had qualifications, and was educated to recognize disease and guide those who needed to seek medical care. However I always let everyone know I don’t practice medicine. In my career I carried out doctors orders. They are the ones with the expertise to treat.

In writing today I’m simply sharing how my daily walk with God is deepened through understanding it in a manner I can understand that is more than I have received through church alone. Perhaps someone reading this will find the teaching of Dr. Bill Creasey as much a benefit to them as it is to me.

I’ve copied a YouTube url, which gives an introduction to him:


© copyright Phyllis Weeks Rogers 2/12/18


  1. You have a fantastic outlook Phyllis. And you don’t need to see yourself as a lesser Christian because you don’t attend a building often. I don’t attend the building often either, only sporadically. And God has taught me far more outside of a church building than inside one. And when God calls people into particular ministries; nowhere in scripture (that I’m aware of) are you going to find God advising people to get higher education as requiem for preaching and teaching His message. He is our ultimate teacher, and it appears that He is teaching you well.
    I enjoy seeing the zeal that you have for our Lord, and God gave you that. So keep on doing whatever God puts in your heart to do. 😇

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    1. Let me add please for someone passing by who read my comment about church.
      I’m not putting down gathering the ekklesia. That’s fantastic, and is God’s will.
      And by all means, keep going where you go if God’s put you there.

      I was only speaking to my specific experience, and was giving Phyllis encouragement.
      I wasn’t implying for people to quit going to church.

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      1. I certainly don’t worry much anymore about anyone’s judgement but God’s alone. There are good and not so good people in the church. Some attend to make themselves look good and others are true servants. I sometimes think I should try harder to make fellowship, but my life is such that I have little time or money to give with my husband’s mental and physical disabilities. My soul is in a good place with the Lord. He’s a big part of everyday so that to me is what is most important.

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      2. I agree with what you said here, and believe you too. Your ongoing testimony that flows from your thoughts bears witness to the life within you, not logging time in a building.

        And your ministry in caring for your husband is the beautiful type of unsung song that God hears loud and clear.

        Keep following the Lord and enjoying His presence in your walk Phyllis. And God bless you my sister.

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