Visiting Le Mont Saint-Michel

Via Padre’s Ramblings today I got to visit a Medieval town near Normandy.

Padre's Ramblings

imageedit_7_4635107520 (1)Le Mont Saint-Michel 

We had the opportunity to visit the Medieval town and pilgrimage site of Le Mont Saint-Michel when we were travelling to Normandy.  While the island-village is technically outside of Normandy it is still relatively easy to access.

imageedit_8_3032188557 (2) Approaching the Mont

One of the things that you will notice is that the town and the abbey appear on the horizon when you are still miles from your destination. It is clear that the placement of the abbey on such a prominent point was a wonderful symbol to people of belief, and the building site was by legend appointed by an apparition of the Archangel in 708.

imageedit__7385053299 (1)

The island is a tidal island, and is cut off except for the causeway twice each day.  Visitors and pilgrims alike, need to be mindful of attempting to approach the island over the flats at low-tide as they can be cut…

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