The World at Hand

Each day I venture into my favorite place, the virtual world of I am amazed at where my journey takes me. I have traveled very little in my life compared to many. Yet when I sign onto my site, I find a different place to travel in the world. I start with my notifications of who has visited my site expressing their “likes” or leaving a comment. Inevitably there will be a new individual who has traveled to Texas to see me. So I immediately investigate to see who they are and where they live and what their site is all about.

Today was no different. The only difference was I felt it was serendipitous. As I checked my notifications, there was a new name who came to see me: . So I went to visit her. She writes in a stream of consciousness style she seems to call babbling, but to me it seems like it is a personal one way conversation engaging whoever is reading to interact with her. I liked it right away but could not determine where she lived because I didn’t see a link “about” the author. So I read a few posts categorized as “life” and decided she was from the States.

Her latest post : “Mindless Rambling. Not worth your time to read…..” turned out to be very much worth the read. She highlighted another blog: Every Day Strange, where she had seen their latest post “Strange Acoustics: Sound of Silence which was linked to a video on two world class figure skaters. This blogger I determined must be from North Carolina by searching their post.

The serendipitous part of this journey was the ice skating video and the Simon and Garfunkel hit “Sound of Silence”. As I posted yesterday, February 5 is the anniversary of my son’s death in 1999. He loved to watch the art of ice skating and the song was a hit in 1967 the year he was born. So you can imagine the emotion when I started watching this amazing video. I felt as if he were watching it with me. I hope you enjoy it , too.





  1. Gosh. That is amazing serendipity. For some reason I don’t understand at all, I had about a day and a half where no notifications of new posts arrived. At first I thought everyone might be resting….then I researched and realized somehow that entire aspect of my wordpress had been shut down. So I missed many posts by people I enjoy, including You. I haven’t seen the post about Your son. I am so sorry. I can’t even imagine that loss. And….it’s like angels sending You a message. This is such a sweet story. Listening to the song now while writing You. Sending You lots of love. I’ll go check out Your other post.

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    1. It really is only on the anniversary of his birthday or the date of his death that I get melancholy. Most of the time I remember all the joy that filled my life while he was here and I have a granddaughter by him that is 26 now and she fills some of the void.

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      1. I wonder if she has features that remind you of your son – eyes, cheek bones, hands, etc. Sometimes my son looks so much like my husband did at the same age that it throws me for a momentary loop. My husband is very much still alive, but knowing my husband at the age my son is at now makes my son’s striking similarity to him catch me off guard more and more often. (You don’t have to respond to this personal thought, just me thinking out loud.)

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  2. My jaw nearly hit the floor when I reread my blog name today! I love the “stream Of consciousness” term so much better than “mindless ramble.” I think I’ll go with that from now on 🙂 I am from the great home of this year’s Super Bowl: Minnesota, USA! (and I think I corrected the missing About page). Thank you so much. God’s peace!

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    1. That’s awesome. I have a friend who lives in Minneapolis who used to work for the Star Tribune full time. She is retired now and writes a freelance gardening article for them now from home. Her name is Mary Jane Smetanka. We met on Facebook playing “Farmtown,” more than 10 years ago. I’m so glad to meet you.

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      1. I love the whole six degrees of separation theory – this is so close to home yet coming from across the country. I love it. Nice to meet you, too, and thanks for sharing your life with the blogging community ❤

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