Beginning of a New Year

Emily Carter Mitchell is an amazing artist with her camera. I’m always enthralled by her posts. Being a nature lover, it’s like visiting paradise each time I visit her site. Enjoy this.

Emily Carter ~ Nature as Art

Time flies when you’re having fun. The New Year has begun and after my rant and rave just at the end of the year about what had happened with the Snowy Owls in Delaware and New Jersey, I took a break and went on walkabout.

The week after the holidays is always very quiet for me and I take the opportunity to get out and enjoy some of my more favorite spots. We received a deep arctic freeze for about three weeks and as a result most of the waterways have frozen over. To the point where people have been ice skating and ice fishing where one could never do so before.

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge was relatively quiet if it wasn’t for the large flock of Snow Geese that flushed up en-mass early in the morning. I trolled the wildlife loop twice and enjoyed the refuge practically all alone…

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