Love Resolute

As sun breaks through fog
Blinding radiance reigns
Commanding brilliance to
Overshadow the mundane.

His beauty veiled her temperance
Of thought, decision, and plan;
Captured by a magnetic field
He held in his right hand.

Upon his white stallion he
Pulled her up to be his mate.
He promised her a glowing castle
Upon their wedding date.

Monsoons arrived in force
And cut short the journey
So he hid her in a cabin
And left her there yearning

As princes so often stray
To save another maiden
She knew he had left
To never return again.

Her road was long back home
And she grew with wisdom
Planning life alone again
Erasing memories of him.

Then she met a common man
One day upon the shore
He loved her in an instant
For the honesty she wore

He said he could not promise
A life without pain or strife
But he would be most honored
If she would be his wife

She came to know his heart
To be pure, honest and true
In February frost they wed
Promises sealed with “I do”

Through seasons rough and mild
They rode the tides of living
Finding the deepest love
Sprang from the joy of giving

Original Artwork by ©Duffey Jane Towell

Poem ©Phyllis Rogers January 5, 2018 revised Aug 19, 2018

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