The Me I Couldn’t Be

I’ve learned some things about music; and of stars and galaxies; studied history and politics; walked the land, and stroked … More

Super Performance Sunday

Sunday afternoons are better with music which just takes me away…….kind of like Calgon….lol. These are the ones I found … More

Tears of Joy

I know you’re here I feel you in my heart I know you’re here I know we’ll never part You … More

“Today” by Akiane Kramarik

Akiane Kramarik SELRES_7fbc6685-c539-42b9-a240-1c33d417945ewas born exceptionally gifted. She was a self-taught child prodigy who is most known for her painting the … More

The Stoning of Stephen

(Acts 6:5-6) Stephen was a man full of the Spirit and wisdom. Appointed by Apostles who laid their hands on … More

“I Have a Dream”

Let us celebrate today a God-loving and God-driven man. A man who evil took away, but whose message of Love … More

Why Mockingbirds Sing

I cannot sing yet I can hear songs of the mockingbird. Your beauty he sings. From the highest branch he … More