Artwork by Duffey Jane Towell

The Lord has blessed me with some of the most wonderful people in the world to be a part of my life. Duffey Jane Towell is one at the top of the list. She is as beautiful in spirit as in the flesh. She lives in a small town in Arkansas about 30 miles west of Memphis, TN. She is happily married to her husband, Larry, and they both work in a long standing respected Towell family business. She is also a mother of two gorgeous talented daughters, Savannah Grace and Zoe Julianna. Savannah left home a few short years ago to pursue higher education and join the workforce. Zoe is nearing the end of her high school years and has a passion for music and is naturally talented at many different instruments of which guitar is her favorite and her voice and style are unique to her personality. She is a joy to watch perform.

As the girls have become more independent and are becoming productive adults, Duffey has found more time on her hands for her own pursuits. Her passion is painting. She turns out some stunning work in just a few hours on the weekend. I don’t have pictures of all of her work because friends and family have quickly purchased new paintings she has created. Her style is eclectic and a reflection of  the depth of her personality and preferences. She has become quite a celebrity with friends and family who wait expectantly for each new painting she produces.

I have dedicated this post to some of her work in hopes to expand her audience to the world of the WordPress community which promotes various artists including painters of watercolors, acrylics, oils and other mediums. Authors may also appreciate these artists including photographers which display their talents. After all illustration intensifies any story, poem of other written prose.

Below are a “showing” of some of her work to date. If you are interested in contacting Duffey about her work, her email address is: You may also leave your comments and I will pass on the information to her and give her your contact information.

Please enjoy some of her work for 2017 she still has available to show. All work is © copyright 2017 by Duffey Jane Towell subject to permission from the artist to reprint. I have asked for and received that permission. This artwork is protected by law as the original art of Duffey Jane Towell.










I hope I have not diminished the quality of her work by photographing from my iPhone, but I’m so proud to present these on my site. I’m also so proud of her for pursuing her passion and talent.


© copyright Dec 2017….Phyllis Rogers



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