Valley of Uncertainty

They stood on the edge of the mountain

looking down into the valley below.

The roads were winding and tortuous.

It was hard to see where she would go.


“Is there another way?” She looked up as she queried.

“No child. This is your path.” His answer was stern.

“How will I know where I am going?”

“Wait on me at the end, I’ll return.”


So she ambled down the mountain

to the road waiting for her below.

She had no idea where it would lead her.

But she knew she was destined to go.


The first turn took her full circle

to the place she had just been.

She began to wonder the purpose

of compelling her to begin again.


Suddenly another traveler appeared,

from where she could not discern.

But her face was somewhat familiar and

her eyes showed such genuine concern.


“I’ve travelled this road many times before

let me show you which path you should take.

For the highway is broad and a burden

To follow it leads to doubt and heartache.”


So they strolled down a green, grassy ridge

to a stream flowing gently toward East

Then the stranger told her with a gleam in her eye

“Follow the brook at the end is a Feast.”


She turned to the gentlewoman to reply,

but found she had vanished from sight.

Instantly chilled and confused she stopped,

until she saw in the distance a beaconing light.


Forty days she strolled along the earthy shore,

to the end of the path she’d been taking.

The light was now bright and to her delight

He was there  and was patiently waiting.


“Who was the woman who showed me the way?”

She inquired for she wanted to know.

“She’s been with you since you have known me.

She’s the Holy Spirit who’s helped you to grow.”

© copyright 2017 Nov 2017……Phyllis Rogers


















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