Today I’m 24,089 days old. That leads me to question how many steps I’ve taken and how many miles do they make? When I googled the average steps a person takes in a day, the answer was 10,000 steps or 5 miles for the average stride. I’m willing to take that figure considering the 126 college hours I’m credited for, accumulating a lot of walking on a not so tiny campus, and the 12 hour nursing shifts on hospital floors throughout my career. If I extrapolate 10,000 steps X 24,089 days, my sum total of steps should be 240,890,000 steps or 120,445 miles total or 1,827 miles per year. That means I’ve walked ( on average ) the distance of my home in Texas to my daughter’s home in Florida and back in one year with about 2,000 miles left over.

So what importance is this information to my life? Why would I want to know? At a younger age I would have wanted to know what I produced that benefitted my life with all those days, steps, and miles. Today I know each one had meaning. Starting with the first step I ever took, I was going somewhere. Each day, each hour, and each minute contained a world of information.

My memory holds onto the steps which imprinted on my mind significant events which affected me in a dramatic way. Some steps were related to very happy events and others to very sad or tragic events. I praise God for each and every step which brought me to Him and every step since in this journey called life in the following verses:

Step by step I learned to follow my mother.

Step by step from danger she pushed me away.

Step by step she gently pushed me toward safety.

Step by step she nursed my wounds and dried my tears.


Step by step she cheered me on to triumph.

Step by step her heart broke with every heart break of my own.

Step by step she gave me a conscience, empathy and humor.

Step by step she watched and hoped and prayed.


Step by step You never meant for her to guide me always.

Step by step the day came I pulled my hand away.

Step by step I found no soft place to fall.

Step by step I learned freedom wasn’t free.


Step by step fear and pain followed me.

Step by step life had its way with me.

Step by step I learned depths of despair.

Step by step I finally called out for You.


Step by step You loved me more than my mother could.

Step by step you taught me who I am.

Step by step you set me on my course.

Step by step you showed me how to run my race.


Step by step you filled my life with joy.

Step by step you healed the wounds and scars.

Step by step you taught me how to love.

Step by step you prompted my soul to sing.

© copyright 2017…..Phyllis Rogers













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