The World Series could end with an Houston Astros win tonight in Game # 6 in Los Angeles. They currently lead the series 3-2 against the LA Dodgers. If you missed watching Game # 5 on Sunday, you missed perhaps the best game ever played. I’ve been a fan most of my life and have never witnessed such a slugfest. It was like watching the best heavy weight boxing match. Neither team would buckle or bend. They gave it every ounce of blood, sweat and tears they could muster.

It played out like this:

The Dodgers struck early in the first

With 3 runs they jumped on the board.

The Astros answered with silence

And their home crowd lost their roar.


In the top of the fourth LA added one

But this time the Astros punched back.

Yuli’s 3-run homer flew bright as the sun

And the blue team’s smiles went slack.


Top of the fifth they made their stand,

And Bellinger echoed Gurriel’s swing.

The crack burst the air as he hit the ball,

Adding three on a prayer and a wing.


Quickly Altuve would belt one for the draw,

With the fans waving their orange towel.

The score was tied at seven and yet,

Maeda’s face was red with a scowl.


In the 7th Bellinger up to the plate again,

With power he commands the bat for more.

If you’re still  reading this poem my friend

Yes, you guessed it, 8 to 7, LA rose the score.


But the blows were coming fast from the fists.

And Springer slugs one into the bleachers among

Fans scrambling for their souvenir wish.

Still the bottom of the seventh wasn’t done.


Altuve’s power-stroke propels the ball at last,

While Bregman heads home with great speed.

But wait…you won’t believe this next blast

Carlos Correa hurls a run for another score feed.


Dodgers add another in the top of the eighth.

McCann returns in the bottom of the inning.

LA’s celebration will just have to wait

‘Cause his slam increases Astros winnings.


Are you thinking this game must be over?

Yasiel Puig proves with 2 runs it’s not ending.

Pederson waits on 3rd  wanting the closer

To help Taylor send one ascending.


The genie appears as seems the day’s trend

A grounder sends him running to home plate.

Now tied at 12  they’ll to go to inning ten

And it’s anyone’s game-winning play to make.


LA comes up empty though they tried.

But the bottom of the tenth will send

The Astros fans into joyous cries

As Bregman sends Yuli home for the win.


© copyright– Phyllis Rogers 10/31/17



















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