About ‘Clara’s Prayer’

Tonight I went to get my bible to read. I had last stopped at the end of Jude and was contemplating where I wanted to go next. When I picked up my bible, I found a 2 year-old copy of Our Daily Bread, a small quarterly Christian publication, on top of it. Instead of moving it, I decided to thumb through it to some of the stories and suggested reading.
I saw one titled “Reaching Out in the Darkness.” It was a story of a woman’s little dog which had been sleeping with her and husband for the last 13 years. The dog had become blind (like my Pete) and deaf and was unable to see or hear them anymore, so she would paw them gently in the middle of the night to make sure they were there. Once they confirmed they were there by just patting her on the head, she would settle back down and go to sleep.

The author, David Roper, added this bit of advice in his last paragraph:

“Lost in darkness? Grieving, fearful, guilty, doubting, discouraged? Not sure of God? The darkness is not dark to Him. Though unseen, He is at hand. He has said, ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you’ (HEB: 13:5). Reach out your hand for His. He is there.”

I heard myself paraphrase this same thought, earlier in the night, to a friend going through a very difficult time. I started thinking lately things have been very blessed around our home. I have been busy every day doing all the things I’ve needed to do and had time to enjoy the beautiful weather the last few days. Daily prayers have focused on the wildfires in California, the mass shootings in Las Vegas and the division in our country. And yet I have only intermittently read the word, which used to be the first thing I did when I woke in the morning.

I have not been filled with worry about anything. But there has been a small measure of discontent, as if something was missing. It took the phone call with my friend, who was needing to talk to someone, to make me realize my discontent was not truly spending time in meditation with my Lord, acknowledging him and worshipping him, as I should. Things had been a bit too easy in my life. I was starting to settle into taking Him for granted.

The subconscious will not let us alone when we know we aren’t as close to Him as we should be as Christians. There will always be an “inkling” that things aren’t quite right when we don’t regard our relationship with Jesus as the most important thing in our lives.

I’m in need of a ‘War Room’ in my house. A place of total focus dedicated to prayer, meditation and worship. I have the perfect place. Tomorrow it becomes the first place I go to each day to dedicate my day and my life to keep me from drifting. I don’t like being discontent. I’m never discontent when I’ve asked Him to walk with me and I know He is there. I know because of the promise He made He always would be. And He always has been when I’m not distracted.

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