Top of the sixth bases were loaded
The score was zero to zero
Then Gurriel’s swing exploded
And two RBIs made him a hero

One run was added when Altuve’s speed
Brought him home from first in a dash
A most amazing 10 seconds deed
Proclaimed his fame in lightning flash

Four up the Astros were gleaming
Until Judge stepped up to the plate
With one swing his bat was steaming
And the ball filled its infamous fate

Yankee fans came alive on Aaron’s drive
A new game was starting to brew
Gregorius tripled with a spot-on fly
Sparking fire in the rest of the crew

Sanchez stood tall when he hit the ball
For a sacrifice fly to George Springer
Bringing Gregorius home to praises from all
While the Astros felt the squeeze of the wringer

Then lo and behold the Yankee’s gold
Took the plate by storm again and
The bottom of the 8th the story is told
When Judge’s infield double did stand

With the score now drawn tied at 4
Sanchez saves the day again
And New York breaks open the door
To a final victory and a glorious win

ALCS game 5 we’ll play tomorrow
And this Astros fan prays for a win
For this series tie did bring sorrow
But for certain this isn’t the end

© copyright–Phyllis Rogers 10/18/2017




















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