Pakistan-Israel Alliance

I felt compelled to write a blog about why our Christian pastor’s podiums are silent when it comes to the plight of Christians facing annihilation in the Middle East. My mind wandered while researching the subject. Instead I ran across a blogger named Noor Dahri, a Pakistani Muslim, who founded the Pakistan-Israel Alliance which celebrates its one year anniversary this month.

Noor Dahri grew up in Pakistan. His most recent home has been in London, until he had to move with his family for their safety. He founded the Pakistan-Israel Alliance after he educated himself on the democratic society of Israel when taking an online course on counter-terrorism from Oxford, and found there were 1.2 million Muslims living happily and worshipping freely there.

For the past year, he has been published by The Times of Israel. When it was brought to his attention that 89% of Pakistanis do not read English, he decided to start his own newspaper called Pak Israel News, written in their native language, Urdu, and published out of Israel.

This man is a true peacemaker. His work in these dangerous times of ISIS attacks, especially in the U.K. is, to say the least, honorable.

Below is s clip of him @ the International Institute for Counter Terrorism conference:


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    1. Yes, God created people from every religion. I have investigated many including Bahai. I have always returned to Christ though because of the intense personal relationship I feel with Him. It is hard to explain. But He has never failed even though I’ve lost a child. I asked once when I was young. I knocked and the door was opened. He loved me even when I was window shopping religions. I’m sure Muslims feel the same about Muhammad.


      1. Amazing. I remember telling another blogger who was a muslim that im not a muslim and i dont believe in a certain religion but do believe in a higher being. He said thats ok.

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  1. I’m not surprised. There is just too much stereotype going on out in the world about people based on religion, culture, ethnicity, etc. We each have very distinct DNA which makes us who we are as individuals. I have a post on Dr. Martin Luther King, JR which is just several of his quotes. He was a man who believed all people should be judged on the content of their character. Never let any human judge you based on your beliefs or unbelief, only on your actions. Everything is between you and your higher power. Be accountable to that being, however you perceive them.


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