Today was overcast, but very pleasant with temperatures in the 70’s. I took my time with outdoor chores, and when I rested upon the swing, below our wisteria-covered arbor, I got a surprise visit from a male and female ruby-throated hummingbird. They were squabbling over the six feeders hanging from an umbrella frame I had repurposed.

I listened to their chatter among the branches of a Pin Oak tree nearby. It was difficult to keep track of their movements. One at a time, they appeared close to one of the red, plastic, imitation flowers which held the nectar they craved. And immediately the other would dash into an offensive stance to discourage its counterpart from enjoying the feast before them.

Hummingbirds are a common sight in our yard, along with other varied species of birds which inhabit Northeast Texas. But today there was something different with this pair. I almost imagined they were entertaining me with intention. As the female flew only a couple of yards in front of me, she slowed her darting movements, and seemed to remain static in flight for a few brief moments. It was if she wanted to show off her iridescent green tiny feathers, and her amazing ability to mesmerize me with her aerobic antics.

I’m easily captivated by all God’s creatures but birds hold a special place in my heart. Perhaps it’s because secretly, somewhere in my subconscious, I’d love to be able to spread wings and fly, above the gravitational forces which bind me, at any moment I wish. I can imagine feeling the air lifting me higher and higher until I reach the highest Pine tree I can find, then resting on the highest branch, taking in a panoramic view of my world.

I wonder what God was thinking when he made the tiniest of all birds. I think I’ll ask and see if I get an answer. If I don’t that’s okay. They are beautiful and intriguing and bring me joy. Wait! Maybe that’s it! Maybe that’s why He made them.



© copyright Sept 2017…..Phyllis Rogers







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