God Blessed Texas

Over the years some people have looked upon Texans as grandiose braggers. We are a proud people who have projected that pride to match the size of our state, which for many years was the largest state in the nation. We do not apologize for our pride. Our history is our proof that God blessed Texas.

For a short time, we were our own country which was built by the blood of our ancestors. Yet we are acutely aware of our brothers and sisters who made the sacrifices with us. People of the states, especially Tennessee, laid down their lives to free us from the oppression of the dictatorship of  Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Their blood was spilled on our ground and became a part of our land forever. That is why we call Tennessee our “Sister State.” The spirit of those who died with us at the Alamo remains today the foundation of the people we are. We will lay down our lives for our friends because our friends laid down their lives for us.

Our freedom was won by Sam Houston and his men at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836 when they defeated Santa Anna, sparing his life, but demanded from him Texas be recognized as her own and no longer subject to his abuses. My ancestors fought that battle and because of their heroism I can never call anywhere else my home. My heart will not allow it.

The city I was born and grew up in bears his name. She has suffered disasters in the past, and Hurricane Harvey this last week bore down to destroy her, but she will rise again along with every inch of Texas he tried to take down with her. The world witnessed the true and blessed nature of our people. Asking for no pity, each stood up to help those who could not help themselves. But again we have those brothers and sisters who came from all over the United States to rescue us and will stay to help us rebuild.

The stories are many and will be told for many years to come. Stories like my brother and his wife who had to abandon their home, but had friends on higher ground to take them in, and my husband’s daughter and her children who had to leave their apartment. Many cousins and scores of friends, who also live in the areas affected, had their world turned upside down in a matter of hours, but they only think about what they can do to help each other.

I only heard one negative voice this week which came from someone trying to make this tragedy a political event. Someone who we pray for because his thoughtless rhetoric cost him his job. Someone who had to inject hate and suggest we suffered this because we voted for our President. Let me explain to this person that our state is many faceted and we have people of all persuasions in Texas. There are Democrats and Independents as well as Republicans. All of our people are not the same color. We are white, black, red, brown and yellow and a mixture of all. We are heterosexual, homosexual, transgender, prolife and prochoice, middle class, poor and rich. We are Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and every other religion.

But this past week we have seen no differences. There have been no judgements or disagreements on any level.  We have been an example of the resiliency of people who do not whine or cry because the weather nearly defeated us. We stand tall today and know God does bless us. He uses our challenges to show His greatness as He raises his Texas children from their afflictions through the great people who come to their rescue.

© copyright 2017…..Phyllis Rogers

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