Is it too late?

Is it about politics, religion or war

The chattering of squirrels

In a game of exhortation supreme

Calling lemmings to follow ?

Is respectability lost

Amid minds preening themselves

While hearing only clattering

When opposing voices disagree?

Can there be no marriage,

No union on any echelon,

Since we lost Lennon

Our beloved John?

He imagined and asked us to

Imagine with him…..Peace.

It seems we’ve forgotten to say the least.

Who is out there…..anyone?

Who is out there to say

Enough is enough?

Our house is divided

Can it still stand?

Will civil war breakout again?

I implore we all take a long hard look

Start with ourselves

Reach out with love

Find common ground

Plant seeds of communion

Live together again.

Is it too late?

© copyright 2017…..Phyllis Rogers


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